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Here are the slides from my presentation, Proper Care and Feeding of Metadata.

Title Page
If you ask me about the merger, I'll say "Nice Imagery"! Title Page

Slide 2: Presenter, in metadata!
We will come back to the header, but this is a brief look at XML and it's opening and closing tags, comments and attributes.
Presenter, in metadata!

Slide 3: Agenda
Yes, I am that much of a geogeek. I think metadata is deliciously fun. Some of the topics we will cover are metadata madness, meaningfulness, and maintenance.

Slide 4: What Is Metadata?
Cat food v. tuna?
What Is Metadata?

Slide 5: The New Anaolgy
Let's take the analogy of cat food v. tuna to a new level.
The New Analogy

Slide 6: Do Not Feed the Chaos
I am positive Seymore wished Aubry II came with metadata that fateful day... Do Not Feed the Chaos

Slide 7: Old School!
Old School

Slide 8: New "back of a photograph"
New "back of a photograph"

Slide 9: No 8-tracks here.
No 8-tracks here

Slide 10: Big Brother Is Watching You
Big Brother Is Watching You

Slide 11: Do Not Stare At A Blank Screen
Do Not Stare at a Blank Screen

Slide 12: Ghostbusters Do Metadata
Ghostbusters Do Metadata

Slide 13: Geospatial Metadata Origins
Geospatial Metadata Origins

Slide 14: FGDC NSDI CSDGM in Color

Slide 15: NOAA does ISO

Slide 16: May ArcGIS 9.3.x Rest In Peace
May ArcGIS 9.3.x Rest In Peace

Slide 17: ArcGIS 10: Item Description
Item Description

Slide 18: ArcGIS 10: FGDC (with ISO descriptions)
FGDC (with ISO description

Slide 19: Setting up ArcGIS 10
Setting up ArcGIS 10

Slide 20: Tools

Slide 21: Text v. XML
Text v. XML

Slide 22: USGS Metaparser
USGS Metaparser

Slide 23: XMLInput

Slide 24: Training

Slide 25: Contact Persion (Section 10)
Contact Person (Section 10)

Slide 26: Time Info (Section 9)
Time Info (Section 9)

Slide 27: Citation Info (Section 8)
Citation info (Section 8)

Slide 28: Metadata Info (Section 7)
Metadata Info (Section 7)

Slide 29: Distribution Info (Section 6)
Distribution Information (Section 6)

Slide 30: Entity and Attribute Info (Section 5)
Entity and Attribute Info (Section 5)

Slide 31: Spatial Reference (Section 4), Part 1: State Plane / Lambert Conformal Conic
Spatial Reference, Part 1

Slide 32: Spatial Reference (Section 4), Part 2: Univeral Transverse Mercator
Spatial Reference, Part 2

Slide 33: Spatial Reference (Section 4), Part 3: Geographic and Albers
Spatial Reference, Part 3

Slide 34: Change is Imminent
Change is Imminent

Slide 35: Things move
Things Move

Slide 36: Iceberg

Slide 37: Taming the Chaos
Taming the Chaos

Slide 38: Contact Information
Contact Information